Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to draw a maze:

How to solve any maze, By Yonatan Frimer

"Wow! Your mazes are so hard" is what I hear all the time. And then on the exact same maze, another fan will tell me, "Your mazes are cool, but why do you make them so easy?" The reason for this discrepency is that some people learned when they were children how to solve mazes and other simply didn't.

Many folks will tell you that they are good at finishing mazes, but what they leave out is that they start at the end and work their way backwards. While this might seem like a smart idea, most maze designers are fully aware of these slick tricksters and simply create false-starts, daed ends and traps regardless if you start at the start or at the end of the maze.

What I recommend for those looking to get real good at maze solving, what you need to do is start both at the end, and the begining and then work towards a meeting place somewhere in the middle. This will give you a very useful route and with practice you can become one of the fastest maze solvers in the world.

Yonatan Frimer is the worlds greatest Maze Artist, his works can be seen at

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